Adjustable leash - Custom stitches

Adjustable leash - Custom stitches

€49.95 EUR


All our adjustable leashes are handmade from 100% BioThane®.

BioThane® is vegan, very durable, cleanable, strong and easy to maintain. The type of BioThane® we use has a break strength of 280 kg. The handle from this leash is movable. You can adjust it to a normal leash or a handsfree one. That makes it the perfect dog leash to use anywhere.


Choose the color of the stitches you like. You can choose 2 different or 2 equal colors. Possibilities are shown in the next picture.


Our city leash measures 215 cm with a regular handle, 170 cm as a handsfree leash and 120 cm at its shortest.

Our adventure leash measures 300 cm with a regular handle, 250 cm as a handsfree leash and 170 cm at its shortest.

All sizes in between are possible by moving the 2 stoppers.


Very easy to clean with warm water and soap.