Nevara - Handle/Traffic lead

Nevara - Handle/Traffic lead

€22.95 EUR

Color tone

Our Nevara handle/traffic lead has a black-orange aztec design and is new in our aztec collection.

Our aztec fabrics are handwoven with a technique that provides textiles with motifs by bonding and covering parts of the yarns before the dyeing process so that the dye cannot adhere there. This finely woven cotton is very supple and makes it very suitable to make your dog gear. This item is 100% handmade in Belgium.

All our handles/traffic leads are reinforced, have a 30 cm length and 2 cm thickness.
The print of this item can vary.


All our fabric handles/traffic leads are hand washable only.


If you want to use this item as a handle to complete your dog leash, please don't forget to order your leash for handle.