Face mask

Face mask

€10.00 EUR


Our face masks are made according to the guide of the Belgian Federal public services of public health and are available in 2 sizes.

This mask also provides sufficient protection for citizens without a filter. The cover for the filter was provided for professional rescuers, who can reinforce this with their own filter materials. Make sure that the filter you use yourself (e.g. coffee filter or kitchen paper) does not get wet, is light and provides sufficient breathability. Reusable This mask has a snug fit and a fabric, washable outer layer, so it can be reused. 


S               16 X 10,5 cm (most often female)
L                19 X 11 cm (most often male)


In any case, sterilize your face mask daily, or after 4 hours of intensive use (eg talking a lot). Washing at 60 ° C for 30 minutes, or cook it briefly in a cooking pot that you use exclusively for this. Washing less than 60 degrees? Then iron the face mask at a high temperature. Put it clean and dry in a ziplock bag.

Our fabrics have already been washed to prevent shrinkage.