About us



I am Muffin, the most beautiful chihuahua boy in the world.
Last, I got a little brother, named Teddy.
He is a pomeranian and a really sneacky bastard! 

Foodies: Edgard & Cooper with salmon

Favorite foodies: French fries with stew sauce

Horrible foodies: Chocolate

Like to do: Walkies in the forest and on the beach

Don't like: going to the vet

Favorite toy: my ikea teddybear "Fabler Björn"

Love to do: Cosy and lazy sundays with mom and dad

Hate: Rain, snow and waking up early

I am proud of: Our label "Muffin & Lucy's"

First choice bandana: Muffin bandana (off course)

Most loved colors: I'm in love with "Camouflage green'

My favorite TV-show: Beverly Hills Chihuahua's

My bestie: Lucy <3


I am Lucy the cutest and most adorable Shiba Inu girl.

I am born in a Belgian home kennel and I have
two brothers and one sister.

Now I live with my parents and brother-Benny-cat in Beveren-Waas. 


Foodies: Royal canin - Small breed and fresh chicken

Favorite foodies: All treats I can find

Horrible foodies: Strawberries

Like to do: Beachwalks 

Don't like: Water

Favorite toy: My ball and my stuffed Gi-waf

Love to do: Lying in bed inbetween my mommy and daddy

Hate: Strange noises 

I am proud of: 2 years dog school and agility - I still learn kids how to treat dogs in a proper way

First choice bandana: Lucy

Most loved colors: Red and pink

My favorite TV-show: Friends

My bestie: Muffin